Our Founder's Cannabis Patient Story

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I am a cannabis patient. I have Complex Regional Pain Syndrome Type 2 (CRPS Type 2) and have been a pain patient since 2006. The cause of my condition was a sports injury to my lower left leg that resulted in a Schatzker V tibial plateau fracture that led to compartment syndrome and anterior and posterior tibial deficiency syndromes and footdrop caused by extensive permanent damage to the peroneal nerve. I am missing ¾ of the musculature in my lower leg, have had a tendon transfer of the last working tendon in my lower leg to help with the footdrop, and have had a calcaneal osteotomy because the footdrop destroyed the structure of my foot. Over the course of 11 years, I was on as many as 9 different daily medications whittling it down to 2 medications to "manage my pain".


I was on opioids, anti-seizures, anti-depressants, muscle-relaxers, vitamins, and laxatives because of the opioids. I underwent years of nerve conduction studies and EMGs, which are incredibly painful. I had surgical releases of the nerve entrapments done, with limited success, to attempt to decrease the amount and number of medications I was on. I wanted desperately to reduce my medications because of the horrible side effects I suffered, from constipation to tremors to fogginess to exhaustion. I have had a total of 5 different surgeries over 7 years to address my disability and pain disorder that resulted from my initial injury. However, my pain has only ever been barely managed. Successful management did not include being pain free. Successful management was preventing the pain from spreading and being at a level just low enough to make daily life barely tolerable.

Until 2016, I never considered cannabis for pain management. Finally, my father, who is a neurologist and has watched me struggle through the horrors of my conditions for over a decade, sat me down and asked me why I hadn't considered cannabis. Outside of my medication regime and all the surgeries, he had seen me try acupuncture, changes to diet, TINS therapy, physical therapy, massage, and even consider amputation, until I was told that would just cause the pain to migrate up the limb. I was desperate for anything that would work for my pain. Why hadn't I tried cannabis? The metadata studies strongly point to cannabis being effective for neuropathic pain management. In any case, what could it hurt to try it?
The first time I tried cannabis to manage my pain, I cried. For the first time in 11 years, I was completely pain free. Also, the pain didn't return for a full 24 hours. I moved to California in 2017 to access this medicine.
Cannabis changed my life and my story is not unique. That is why I support legalization and that is why Artery Pay supports all legal businesses. All legal businesses deserve access to legitimate financial services so that they can focus on bringing their medicines, products, services, and anything else to the patients and people who need it.


Because now you can.

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